Mystic Jaisalmer is located in the town of Jaisalmer:Welcome to the centre of the golden City!

While many guesthouses are located right inside the Golden Fort itself, Mystic is a place to relax and watch the fort with stunning views. Less than a kilometer away is Gadisar Lake, a great place to spend early morning or sunset hours. Half a kilometer in the opposite direction you will find yourself at the entrance to the Golden Fort.

Lying within the gates of the city, Mystic is surrounded by local shops. The main street of town is just around the corner offering the opportunity to mix with the local people as well as villagers coming into town from one of the 700 outlying villages. You will find basic household items, snacks, clothing as well as tourist shops with interesting hand-crafted items. For evening entertainment you can enjoy a traditional local puppet show just 350 meters away at the Desert Cultural Centre. As you can see, Mystic offers a comfortable stay with a location offering many activities and tourist opportunities.


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